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Rattan Sofas Naturally Hearty Sep 27, 2017

Rattan Sofas Naturally hearty

Imitation rattan tables and chairs are different from the Teng table and chairs. Imitation rattan furniture is not afraid of sun, not afraid of washing, strong, than Teng system tables and chairs more suitable for the north dry climate, no deformation, not dry, and cheap.

Imitation rattan tables and chairs compared with leather furniture, imitation rattan tables and chairs can give a more thorough, cool texture, and natural hearty atmosphere. Process: rugged iron, bent into different fancy and lines, plated with a layer of copper, and then stretched after high temperature treatment of rattan.

Advantages: After high temperature treatment of rattan moisture, endothermic, anti-moth, not easily deformed, cracking, degumming and so on. Imitation rattan tables and chairs good flexibility, in line with ergonomic and engineering features, feel fresh, breathable, comfortable and chic, natural texture. The appearance also has a high ornamental, can show the style and taste.

Chinese furniture in the rattan furniture is a wooden plexus in the forest wind, this rattan furniture more and more like now, how to do it up?

Almost all the furniture can be made with vine, such as bed, sofa, coffee table, etc., there are some can reflect the leisurely pastoral outdoor furniture, such as hanging chairs, rocking chairs. And small and simple flower racks, patchwork of wardrobe, structured shelves, as well as magazine baskets, lamp holder, champagne, etc., are people put it down

From the handrail of the wicker chair to the backrest, the fine braided coherence of the beautiful curve, and the different thickness of the rattan, in the gradual arrangement of the emphasis on the leisurely rhythm and change, make it more refined, smooth, embodies the rattan designer Perfect creative and superb craftsmanship.

It is the color of the ornamental furniture. Silver-gray tranquility, bronze romance, reddish-brown calm, black mystery, all addicted to people, and those who only painted a layer of transparent paint, keep the original style of rattan rattan furniture, but also shows the simple implication of beauty The

● dry weather, rattan easily brittle, serious can lead to fracture. Therefore, it is very important to give water.

● cleaning should not use ordinary detergent scrub, so as not to damage the rattan. The best use of micro-damp cloth and mild detergent scrub, clean must be placed in a cool place to dry naturally, avoid exposure, so as not to cause paint color, dry. For the preparation of products and more subtle cracks, the use of vacuum cleaner or soft brush to clean up the water.

Only often with dilute brine wipe vine, not only to decontamination, salt water can also make the rattan soft and flexible. Due to long-term damp and cause moldy, with a soft brush to mold the Department of clean, in the sun for 30 minutes; rattan surface scratches, with car wax to scrape the parts for waxing

From the above can be seen with the different styles of European-style garden furniture there, although only talk about the maintenance of rattan furniture, but a look can be seen in the European style garden furniture are not the same requirements, which is European furniture And Chinese furniture, the obvious difference.