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Rattan Sofas Light And Durable Oct 31, 2017

Rattan Sofas Light and durable

Rattan furniture: the art of the future of the future of outdoor furniture designer! Teng furniture international top ten brand experts said: the future of outdoor furniture on the development trend will focus on rattan furniture above the outdoor environment design are inseparable from the rattan furniture, Outdoors is the most creative design representative only rattan furniture family series. The future will be in all directions across the country to start a comprehensive layout, in the weather more hot in the south, with rattan braided items by the public's favorite, especially the elderly, summer sitting chairs, sleeping mats, breathable comfortable rattan Not only cool, not long prickly heat. But now under the impact of modern furniture, the old rattan items market is getting smaller and smaller, replaced by a large wave of a variety of new rattan products. Light and durable rattan basket, exquisite cool rattan chair, cool and comfortable rattan seats, in the past residents of the home, can always find one or two rattan furniture and daily necessities.

The most memorable, is a childhood grandfather favorite goes back big rattan chair. Whenever the summer sunset, my grandfather will move the rattan chair on the aisle, fan pedal fan, smoking pipe, sitting on a rattan chair, sunset in the back of the rattan chair, off a day of fatigue. There are neighbors, each holding a rattan chair or bamboo chair, make up a row, you a sentence I talk about homely, talk about the news. For decades, rattan chair armrest and chair legs have been damaged, grandfather is still not willing to throw, wrapped with cloth is still so comfortable sitting. Home to buy a new Tai Shi Jie, but every summer, my grandfather still moved out of the old rattan chair, years of habit to change is also difficult. These handmade old rattan supplies, modeling simple, much the same, the color is all light yellow, but the natural material and cool and durable characteristics of the past people put it down. In the past there is no air conditioning, hot summer full of rattan chair seats, especially to the elderly to send gifts, if sent a rattan chair, the old man is a clapping applause.

And in that simple age, poor conditions, fewer items, the role of the rattan chair even greater. Work, the wicker chair is an essential tool; rest when the sun in the sun, summer can be cool; sleep, the large rattan chair is a good place to stack clothes. Guests Ramen, rattan chair is often regarded as feng shui throne, let the guests sit.

Old traditions of new patterns compared to the old rattan products, and now more and more new rattan articles gradually favored by young people. Today's rattan products are no longer limited to several simple shape, rattan shade, rattan bookshelves, rattan racks, rattan crafts and other decorative more and more rich, even if the rattan chair is not just a tense of the chair, Modeling fashion stool, square stool, sofa, rocking chair, and even hanging chairs and so on.

In the summer, sitting on a rattan bench, lit a small lamp decorated with a rattan shade, pick a book on the rattan bookcase, drink the fragrant jasmine tea, quietly for an afternoon Feeling like exposure to the original quaint atmosphere, yet stylish atmosphere, but also to the room to buy a bit cool feeling.

Today, the purchase of modern rattan furniture, young people are gradually increased, both retro style, and no lack of life petty bourgeoisie, the price is more moderate. Want to experience the attitude of life back to nature, rattan furniture is the best choice.