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Rattan Sofas Flexibility Oct 11, 2017

Rattan Sofas Flexibility

Rattan furniture rattan (PE rattan) mimic natural rattan synthetic, cany art furniture, with its unique flexibility, plasticity, together with the ornament of modern technology, the products are made of soft hard moderate, the line is smooth and comfortable. The style is novel, consider ergonomic comfort fully.

PE rattan: can use brush, cloth or vacuum cleaners clean up the cane makes furniture, should prevent collision and point hard scratch, and can be moistureproof, prevent aging, insect-resistant, infrared, so don't need to expend idea on maintenance. The maintenance of rattan furniture

1. Clean rattan furniture with a brush or vacuum cleaner;

2. Frequently use wet cloth and soft detergent to clean the flash furniture;

3. Do not put rattan furniture near the heating pipe, otherwise the adhesive part will become dry and weak due to heat.

4. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent rattan from fading and drying.

5. If properly maintained, the appearance of the appearance is not as old as new. Divide material to maintain outdoor furniture

Vine: can use brush, dishcloth, or vacuum cleaner to clean the cane to make furniture, should prevent collision and knife edge hard object to be scratched, and can prevent damp proof/anti-ageing/anti-insect/anti-ultraviolet. So there is no need to worry about maintenance.

Tesla: to prevent cutting edge and hard stuff, just wipe with clean water.

Metal components: prevent collision friction; Do not stand on folding furniture, avoid folding partial deformation and affect use. Need only occasionally to wash with lukewarm soapy water, do not use acid alkaline big cleanser, lest damage the surface lacquer layer and make its rust.

Wooden table and chair: do not use hard matter scrub, lest damage the waterproof layer of the surface. Toughened glass: do not use sharp objects to hit or impact the glass side Angle, in order to avoid breaking; Do not rub the glass surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss; Do not wipe the glass surface with coarse materials to avoid scratches. Sunshade umbrella: when not used or when the wind is large, please close the umbrella, so as not to blow the umbrella when the wind is large, damage the furniture and the injured person. Please swing the umbrella in the direction of the handle. Do not shake it in the opposite direction. During long time use, check regularly. If the screws and nuts are found to be loose, please tighten them in time. Metal fittings should be added with some oil. If the product is damaged or deformed, please stop using it immediately so as not to damage the human body. Special attention should be given to the use of children's families.

Plastic parts: general are comparatively light, and acid, alkali, corrosion/good insulation/insulation/but the hardness of the poor, should prevent collision and point hard scratch, if there is any crack patched by the method of hot melt are available, and there is no glue stick. Wash with ordinary detergent, pay attention to do not touch hard objects, do not brush with metal brush.