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Rattan Sofas Application Aspect Sep 19, 2017

Rattan Sofas Application aspect

The advantages of outdoor imitation rattan furniture

Social progress, brought about the rapid development of science and technology, has been used as royal aristocracy dedicated to the rattan furniture, and now with the development of science and technology into the homes of ordinary people, of course, here called rattan furniture, from the strict meaning It is not really "rattan", after all, not only the number of rare rattan, and made of furniture is not entirely suitable for placing in the outdoors, where the vine is the vine rattail, that is, the so-called imitation rattan, do not think imitation rattan Can not match the real rattan, in fact, imitation rattan furniture with its incomparable a bit!

First of all from the price point of view, imitation rattan furniture than the price of real furniture more affordable, real rattan because of the number of rare, and the price will rise, but the imitation will not, it is more than the number of real rattan, So the price will not be high, which let the rattan furniture into our lives to provide a prerequisite!

   Second, from the color and application aspects, imitation rattan color variety, to choose a lot of room, but the real color is very little, one or two only, and from the application side, imitation rattan furniture can not only Placed in the room, more importantly, it can be placed in the outdoors for a long time without fading, will not easily corrode, true rattan is just the opposite, so from these two points on the decision of the imitation rattan furniture, whether it is sales or word of mouth than the real So good! So no matter from what aspects, imitation rattan furniture has gradually replaced the real rattan and become the mainstream of the market options on the market, as we go out to play, the streets can be seen everywhere, outdoor furniture, the first choice of imitation rattan furniture! The The Imitation rattan furniture can also be divided into: plastic rattan furniture, algae rattan furniture, paper rattan furniture, sinlge rattan furniture. Common imitation rattan furniture materials for the PE rattan and PVC rattan, PE is polyethylene, PVC is PVC, are polymer macromolecules. Therefore, the common outdoor imitation rattan furniture products are based on PE imitation rattan furniture.

 Imitation rat advantages:

        1, natural breathable. Imitation rattan with his natural breathtaking by the consumer favorite. Because the flexibility of the vine is excellent, is the hands of the designer "can make the material", rattan selection of thick, symmetrical and no color of the vine for the quality of rattan. Low-quality rattan fine, toughness, low tensile strength broken. When you buy the time you can rub the surface of the rattan bar, with particular attention to whether the part of the rough or rugged feeling.

  2, easy to care. The original rattan outdoor furniture if not diligent care, rattan gap between the possession of dust is also harsh and elegant, so it is more suitable for semi-indoor semi-outdoor terrace. While the simulation of rattan outdoor furniture but make up for the lack of real rattan furniture, can be completely assured for outdoor use. In addition, imitation rattan furniture is also very plastic, it can be made with the same weed the same effect, in color and very varied, such as made of dirty black and gray, put a fake rattan sofa bed is the best , Large and comfortable bed like an open arms, which can enjoy the sun in the enjoyment.