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Rattan In High Temperature Season Maintenance Jan 10, 2017

Summer, vine furniture long placed dry of place, very easy cracking, vine furniture fear high temperature, cannot exposure; avoid high temperature of hair dryer machine, and iron, avoid directly put in vine furniture above; so to often with wet of soft cloth wipe, but vine furniture cannot had tide, vine furniture bogey damp, or easy bent split, while do not let cane feet and wet of ground contact.

Also, vine furniture in using a time Hou will variable dirty and product gray, need timely cleaning maintenance, available soft quality short hair brush or has brush head of vacuum cleaner clean rattan surface and manual fine series of vine jewelry, usually, with micro-wet of soft cloth and soft of clean agent scrub can, cane sat long has will settlement, available washing through Hou, placed outdoor dry, natural flat as new, if found rattan Shang has stains, can with SOAP water swab wipe.

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