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Rattan Dining Sofas Avoid The Sun Oct 11, 2017

Rattan Dining Sofas Avoid the sun

You must have this kind of time, buy a cane to make furniture, but the carry pillow of standard match feels insufficiently individual character, collocation in space appears too insipid. You have a beautiful set of rattan furniture, you want this kind of furniture to be in the whole space to become a few more dazzling, others surprised cane make furniture is not drab!

Then let's see how to go with rattan furniture.

Typical American villa, thick cushion cushion for cushion for cushion to add comfortable. The beige and blue bars are long and fresh. Current location: homepage » information center » FAQ »

Knowledge of the maintenance and maintenance of fujii furniture

How to maintain cane furniture

First of all, the cane art furniture chooses the material specially, want to avoid the direct of the sunshine, prevent the rattan material to fade to become dry, long time of exposure also can produce deformation, bend, craze easily.

Second, the rattan furniture can't be close to the fire source, so as not to cause deformation damage;

Third, because of cany art furniture weaving method, so the surface collecting dust place more, general cleaning and can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again, and then with a wet cloth to wipe it again, still can use soft brush from the inside out to wipe the dust first, and then with a damp cloth, preferably soft cloth to clean it

Fourthly, the use of rattan art furniture for a period of time needs to decontamination with salt water, and it can also strengthen its flexibility. Furniture retrofit can be cleaned on the basis of clean and clean the outer rattan rack of rattan furniture with sandpaper, add a layer of light oil protection can change completely new. Rattan furniture has a long history. According to historical records, before the han dynasty, there have been no, best furniture, people sit lie with furniture for more seats, couch, including woven cane seats, rattan mat and bamboo floorboard Dian (dian), was one of the senior.

In the ancient books, such as "Yang fei", "the chicken Lin zhi" and "ji yuan ji", there are records of the rattan mat. Since the han dynasty, due to the development of productive forces, improve technological level of vines, the rattan furniture in China is increasing, the cany chair, rattan case, cane, cane bed screen, cane ware and handicraft production appeared. In recent decades, with the rapid development of the fuji-based furniture industry, especially the transformation of the imitation rattan art, it is the transformation of the fuji-based furniture to green, environmental protection, comfort, luxury and the life span development. Since then, "green vine" has been on the life stage.

The cane furniture also has a high ornamental, not only can show the style and taste, but also let people feel "very east", "very China". In the contemporary family occasionally Chen sets a few cane to make furniture, already beautiful and generous, have traditional characteristic again, in vogue is a kind of simple, reflect master style and grade. For example, the sofa and chair of cane make up, put white cushion and cushion for leaning on, comfortable and rich emotional appeal, enjoy the romance of life in recreational and comfortable; Lean on the cane chair, read a book that you like, soak in a cup of tea, with the flowers and flowers outside the window, leisurely and carefree. The idyllic poetic sentiment is reflected vividly in the weaving of bamboo rattan.