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Parasol Sunscreen Fabric Sep 06, 2017

Parasol Sunscreen fabric

Sun umbrella little knowledge you know? The majority of female friends in the end should be how to choose a sun umbrella for their own? Sun umbrella sales

1, first of all, we should from the sunscreen index, sunscreen fabric, determine the quality of the umbrella. Now there is a kind of imitation silk fabric plus a layer of transparent UV glue, can make the umbrella has a good anti-ultraviolet function, and will not change the impact of the umbrella due to climate change and open.

2, and secondly, when you buy a sun umbrella, look carefully at the light transmission rate, because the sun umbrella is used in the light, the human eye is very important, high transmittance sun umbrella, will make people feel very Comfortable.

3, sun umbrella is a consumable, usually every year for 6 months, probably available for two years, the sun will weaken the effect. Buy a parasol to be targeted, like a good look, choose a pure umbrella. To be durable, we must choose rain and rain umbrella. The integrity of the umbrella is a sun umbrella important quality criteria. When you buy, you can open the umbrella, grab the handle, around the hard scratch, check the umbrella stand is not thrown, whether solid and reliable. "Decryption" small black umbrella, the following together to understand the next. Sun umbrella sales

Currently on the market sales of small black umbrella, in fact, the principle of sunscreen is not the same: there are some small black umbrella through the back plus silver coating to achieve the purpose of sunscreen, there are some black umbrella umbrella is not any treatment, basic There is no anti-ultraviolet effect, and genuine black umbrella generally through the dense umbrella plus anti-UV treatment to achieve sunscreen effect, the price is naturally relatively high.

Need to remind consumers that is not the higher the price, the better the sunscreen effect, if a small black umbrella both light, stylish, good anti-UV performance, then the price will not be too cheap. Umbrella UPF35 + anti-ultraviolet umbrella cloth production process, we come together to understand it!

The first step: according to the requirements of the guests weaving thickness. Umbrella production

The second step: first hit the small pieces of color to the guests to confirm, according to the guests to confirm color stains.

The third step: check the stained fabric with or without stains and bad, there are bad to be removed.

Step 4: Into the UV anti-UV injection + PA glue synchronization. (In the umbrella cloth smear UV absorber, synchronized to complete).

The fifth step: into the volume code tied bundle.