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Parasol Sunscreen Effect Sep 27, 2017

Parasol Sunscreen effect

What is the best sunscreen sunscreen effect? In the hot sun, the umbrella is the beauty of the travel must be a single product, not only concave shape, but also sunscreen. But this filled with colorful umbrella really sunscreen Which umbrella sunscreen index is the highest? Net transmission with a hundred yuan to distinguish the anti-sun, is scientific? Recently, the reporter in an empty place to do a small experiment, the next day with the experimental results came to the national textile and garment product quality supervision and inspection center confirmation.

 Umbrellas were not with sunscreen material ordinary umbrella (price 20 yuan), silver plastic coated sun umbrella (price 60 yuan) and vinyl sun umbrella (price 100 yuan).

 Reporters were standing under the umbrella feel, black umbrella completely opaque, umbrella under a cool. Followed by silver plastic umbrella, or a weak light, the worst is the ordinary umbrella, did not stand for a while, the skin has a baked feeling. But also according to netizens Weapon: holding 100 yuan, if the umbrella can not see the watermark, it can protect against ultraviolet rays, if you can clearly see the watermark, it can not prevent ultraviolet light. Reporters such as law operation, found under the ordinary umbrella, the watermark is particularly clear, silver glue and vinyl completely unable to see.

 Umbrellas, commercial products, with a comprehensive external shade function, can completely block the ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning load; with energy saving effect, from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the significance is very significant; in the summer At the same time, can make a strong sunlight in the form of diffuse light reflected into the room, so that indoor light bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the indoor view from the window landscape, the people's living space extended from the room to the outside, to create The new living space; its shade cloth has a special anti-ultraviolet function, not only the human skin from UV invasion, but also greatly extended the interior decoration and furniture life, outdoor umbrella has a colorful cover cloth , Color, the user can choose according to need.

 Outdoor umbrella maintenance

1. After the release of ventilated ventilated place to dry naturally, do not put sun exposure or hot place to bake, to prevent the withdrawal or degumming, to accelerate aging.

 2. Non-professional labor shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances do not contact, so as not to be corrosion and degumming deformation.

 3. Clean the force should be gentle and uniform. Can not force the fierce brush, so as not to short-term, or brush out the shoe body patterns and decorative parts.

 4. Avoid contact with sharp sharp items to prevent scratching.

 5. For colored canvas, do not touch with items such as carbon inks that are difficult to clean. The color of the canvas is cleaned after being coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, and then dry, can prevent discoloration. Or to find two white clean paper covered in the above, after drying to tear up. Also anti-discoloration.