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Parasol Correct Use Oct 31, 2017

Parasol Correct use

To your own outdoor furniture longer life, more beautiful, to grasp the correct use and maintenance methods is particularly important. According to the characteristics of different products, as well as the master of the outdoor furniture provided by the professional knowledge. Finishing some of the use and maintenance methods for your reference:

A sun umbrella sun umbrella series

Shade series of products with aluminum pipe support, a larger span, the installation process, please gently, to avoid bump or part of the force is too large and damaged;

2. This series of products designed for outdoor shade leisure use, not for shelter, it should be avoided in the breeze when used. If the top cloth has a pocket of water, please promptly clear in order to avoid temporary damage to the pontoon, the breeze, please put the poodle, wooden umbrella put away to ensure safety;

Two wooden leisure tables and chairs series

1. Please place it in a bumpy air or grass to avoid tilting;

2. For a long time, the screw parts can be loosened, please pay attention to carry tight;

3. Selection of suitable for outdoor use of wood species is very important, such as teak, Pakistan fishing wood, sand Billy, etc., these wood species rich in oil, good scalability, generally not cracking deformation, but also has a natural anti-pest control characteristics, Ideal outdoor furniture timber. Note: Solid wood outdoor furniture aging and fading is a normal phenomenon, but the correct use of methods and effective maintenance can slow down these phenomena;

4. Please use the outdoor use, please avoid exposure, rain, prolonged when not in use when the furniture cover or cover cover, otherwise it will slow down the surface paint off or aging, if you need to maintain innovation can use special wood furniture protective oil by the specified method scrub smear Yes, it is recommended to do maintenance every 3-6 months.

Three cast iron, stone umbrella seat series

1. Please ensure that the installation of various parts of a solid;

2. Hold or move to avoid slipping;

3. heavier items, pay attention to gently, to avoid damage to the floor lawn;

4. Please note that the umbrella and umbrella seat weight of the pair, umbrella umbrella alone umbrella at least 20KG above, while the lighter umbrella seat generally placed under the tables and chairs.

Four iron aluminum frame and rattan leisure tables and chairs series

1. Iron and aluminum frame and rattan leisure tables and chairs series of products stingy, fashion trends, easy maintenance, can be used for a long time outdoors; use to avoid the UV imitation rattan material is the best choice;

2. General surface are treated by low temperature dust treatment to form a protective layer, handling and moving when you gently, to avoid bumps caused by breaking or destruction of protective layer;

3. Note that sharp objects, cigarette butts will make the rattan break.