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L-shape Corner Sofa Set Beautiful Atmosphere Oct 31, 2017

 l-shape corner sofa set Beautiful atmosphere

Remember the time of the summer night when the cool night when the scene with the grandparents sitting on the small chair on the number of stars, one, two, three or four ... rattan small chair carrying the memory of the summer, but also let People feel that rattan furniture is a summer belong to the exclusive items. It is cool and breathable, environmentally friendly and comfortable, in the above leisurely spend the summer time is a very good thing. Rattan furniture has a variety of categories and forms, with the design and rattan skills development, rattan furniture is a variety of shapes, different functions. With Xiaobian together to enjoy the rattan furniture it.

Larger rattan furniture is usually used for outdoor, so a rattan sofa placed in the garden villa balcony or private garden is absolutely very beautiful atmosphere. High back to build a safe protection, children, family can rest at ease in the above, easy to talk, enjoy the joy of cheerful time.

Oval-shaped design, emitting a lovely factor, this rattan sofa more in line with the style of the pastoral style decoration, whether it is placed in the living room or balcony, with its comfort and intimacy and natural surrounding natural fusion. Summer, nothing is in the above look at the book, enjoy the scenery around the city, is simply beautiful.

This kind of rattan sofa furniture exquisite and fine, the sofa back all woven with a rattan, refreshing and breathable, to the visual sense of a penetrating. Gray and black tones show low-key elegance, for the pursuit of taste and texture of life people choose this rattan furniture is definitely the icing on the cake.

Simple bar seats, but also by the rattan compiled from the Oh, so fine weaving the formation of staggered texture, very beautiful, but also reveals a fresh pastoral atmosphere. Will be such a set of rattan bar chairs and rattan coffee table on the corner of the living room, with the casual and easy, you can start an interesting conversation.

Round rattan furniture, cute and exquisite chic. This kind of rattan single sofa modeling is very new, and rare, but also reflects the designer's intentions. Rattan furniture backrest set lower, forming a certain degree of curvature, which reflects the ergonomic care, in the above rest must be very relaxed and comfortable.

This is a set of rattan furniture, tall rattan stool light and simple, because the preparation did not have too many tricks, so the whole set of rattan furniture reflects the original natural forest taste. In the courtyard or under the shade placed such a small bench, the neighbors come to rest joke can be used.

This rattan furniture sofa has a very soft sense of the curve, the vine of the process to play and show most vividly. The stents of the sofa are made of rattan, although the curve is bent, but did not affect its strength and practicality, to achieve aesthetics and practical both the unity.

Rattan double sofa, sofa armrest and base are rattan made of curved curved arc reflects the graceful and smooth rattan. Summer in such a rattan sofa quietly enjoy the leisure time in the afternoon, holding a cup of green tea, walk casually want to enjoy a kind of free.

Goose egg type rattan sofa, a bit similar to the balcony chair design, but the suspension of the way into a foot, so that you can safely placed in the living room when the leisure seat with friends. This kind of rattan with large indoor green plant, to create a tropical rain forest decoration features, do not believe it!