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Gazebo Roughly Divided Aug 28, 2017

Gazebo Roughly divided

The characteristics of the pavilion

The top of the pavilion is a three-story design, the inner layer of a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer for the waterproof board, the outer layer is carbonized wood tiles, the general use of glazed tiles, tile trench with drainage function, three-layer design is not easy to leak, Rest assured placed in the outdoor, the pavilion inside the lights are the factory cloth is good, pavilion gourd top four bar-shaped beams inside the slot, gourd inside the inside with a wire.

The pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double, three, and so on. It is recommended that consumers watch the style in advance, choose the appropriate size, choose the right style, it is recommended to play the foundation, because the conventional The weight of the pavilion is generally more than 400 Kg, taking into account the long-term contact force will lead to ground deformation subsidence, so pavilion uneven.

See the pavilion production process. The current market sales of pavilions, pavilions of the production process are different, under normal circumstances, the pavilion after the drug soaking, high temperature cooking, baking, corrosion, carbonation and other 39 processes, environmental protection, safety, and more suitable for home use.

The role of the pavilion

1, layout, location selection flexibility, can be set independently, but also with the environment.

2, the pavilion has a small volume, less materials, design flexibility, ease of construction and so on.

3, for our rest at the same time it can also provide us with King, point King. Both to increase the taste of the landscape, but also enriched the landscape landscape.

4, the pavilion of the volume, free, the size of self-reliance.

The gazebo has been widely used in public green spaces, courtyards and garden-style apartments for its natural, simple, ecological, healthy and high-quality properties, and has become a new lifestyle in the city's living environment.

The reasons for the problem: wood warping, deformation and cracking is the most common phenomenon of open garden sketches, because the wood heartwood and sapwood, peeling and cut the shrinkage rate is inconsistent, in the outdoor environment of wood moisture and balance Moisture content will change with the air temperature, humidity changes, which caused the phenomenon.

Dusting is also a common phenomenon of wood construction, wood because of containing resin, coupled with UV, water vapor, air temperature changes and other environmental factors easily make the paint film spots or fall off, in the course of the wear and tear, it can not like indoor wood Furniture as usual for a long time, and will fall paint and fade.