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Chinese Wicker History May 09, 2017

Wicker is one of Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. In ancient times people just as ordinary things everyday, until after several decades of the 20th century gradually rise, and gradually become parts of China export project. There are three big wicker production base, shandong, henan, anhui.

Wicker well-balanced, elegant color, soft and easy to bend, thickness by novel design, can be woven into a variety of naturalness, modelling beautiful, light, durable and practical crafts. Its products include: the wicker box (bag), FanLan, laden (round, oval), skimmer, needle shallow basket, kang mat, WeiBo etc. As the industry development, product innovation, there will be more novel and practical beautiful willow products show in front of the customer.

Wicker products is our country folk handicrafts, widespread "basket, basket, every family has a". This is because the process of raw material source is very extensive. Used for knitting basket weaving baskets north raw materials are the main switch, tamarisk branch, mulberry, thorns, various, such as in saline-alkali land and swamps are produced.