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Chaise Lounge Beds Rattan Material Sep 19, 2017

Chaise Lounge Beds Rattan material

Material characteristics of outdoor furniture for rattan chairs

Outdoor leisure tables and chairs of the development trend of diversification of the rapid development of the situation. Due to the emergence and prevalence of rattan material, many real estate and landscape construction of the landscape are used in this new type of decorative materials. Rattan outdoor furniture with its environmental protection, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and easy to deformation and fade, and other advantages have been the trust of many customers. In short, outdoor leisure tables and chairs of the product style and product performance more and more close to people's lives, more and more in line with the needs of China's urban garden construction.

The family members used for weaving rattan furniture are bamboo rattan, white rattan, red rattan, palm rattan. Bamboo rattan named agate rattan, it is also known as "the king of rattan", is the most expensive price of rattan, originating in Indonesia and Malaysia. There are other Kudzu, wisteria, Millettia, etc., there are also used to produce rattan furniture, mainly used for weaving. The sheath of the vine in the rattan furniture industry called rattan, like bamboo, solid. Rattan skin is generally milky white, milky yellow or light red, and some rattan surface spot pattern, commonly known as rattan, with natural decorative. In the cross section of rattan, from outside to inside the proportion of inconsistent, rattan parts than the large, rattan parts of the proportion of small. The proportion of large changes in rattan material is poor, relatively small changes in the weight of rattan material is better.

Rattan is a thorny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. The vine is beneficial to the natural environment and the whole ecosystem in the process of growing. It can adapt to the degraded forest and the barren soil, and can not disturb the original ecological structure and balance in the natural forest, recuperate and restore the forest resources Very important.

Rattan furniture, mainly the production of stents and woven weaving. With a rattan production bracket, the bending can be used to create two kinds of baking and sawing bend.

Rattan furniture method. Sawing method is simple, but the strength is weakened and the curve is not natural and smooth. Bracket joints generally use rattan wrapped around the use of rattan in the braid on the weaving of the basic method for picking, cover, wrapped around 3. According to product requirements, available rattan weaving a variety of patterns. Chinese rattan resources are rich, rattan furniture mainly with vine, woven pattern, rattan or bamboo as a skeleton. Rattan furniture is light and comfortable and so on.

Rattan furniture has a very elegant production, to go through the light, polish smear, and even paint color, so that the finished product is durable. In the shape, but also jump from the traditional framework, a change in the past simple, stupid, like a lot of rattan furniture are designed to make lines smooth and soft, modeling luxurious comfort, quite bold and elegant style, so that rattan furniture is not Lost simple and natural, fresh and refreshing.

Green home is a set of modern management, global products, advanced technology and design in one of the specialized manufacturing enterprises. The company specializes in the production and sale of various rattan furniture, casting furniture, umbrella seat, park chairs and other leisure products, and according to customer requirements to provide a variety of leisure furniture products. Through the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, and constantly improve the production process, the company's products have a strong market competitiveness.