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Chaise Lounge Beds Extremely Relaxed Sep 06, 2017

Chaise Lounge Beds Extremely relaxed

Armchair, Happy chair can be said to be the most "old" leisure chair, and now, their chair has evolved into a wavy shape, and people lying on top of the body when the ups and downs coincide, this humane transformation can make the body extremely Relax and stretch. Some loungers are still installed at the foot of the massage, minutiae also designed to be very thoughtful.

Some chair design ideas from pillows, cushions, cushions, mother care, simulation of legs and arms, when the user sit down, the chair will make the appropriate adjustments to adapt to the user, has reached the most Good combination. Chair skeleton and shell using stainless steel, the interior is soft texture of the cotton heart, the appearance is cloth jacket, easy to wash and wash.

Some chairs below the small table, you need to use when you can pull out the above food and drink. The back of the back of the body with a design for the back curve and bending of the knife-like legs, beautiful shape and reasonable functional structure people lying on the above comfortable as in the clouds, just want to sleep sweet.

The most relaxing recliner is a rocking chair. Rocker chair The most important thing is a pair of perfect angle of the rear foot, enough to support the weight of the buttocks and rockets and ground contact when the sliding balance. In the United States, rocking chairs are often feeding mother's seat, women are almost all in the stage of pregnant women to join the rocking chair, because the rocking chair can ease the pregnancy gradually obvious back pain. In fact, rocking chair sitting, Americans love, Europeans do not agree, or that this sitting does not exist in the elegant European culture known. However, there is a slow rhythm of our tired physical and mental dreams, the day there is this moment of leisurely leisurely, who also ignored the old European harsh elegance it.

The local shape and scale of the chair have a great influence on the use. The height of the backrest and the handrail. From the human anatomical characteristics of consideration, the human buttocks muscle rich and solid, is the most resistant parts of the human body one of the parts. So the appropriate seat should be designed so that the upper body of the center of gravity on the buttocks on the bones.

(A) sitting too high to sit too high so that the legs are vacant, not only the leg muscles under pressure, and the upper leg, lower leg and back muscles were pulled state, it will not take long to fatigue.

(2) When the sitting surface is too low When the sitting surface is too low to the knee or less than 90 ° when the human body pressure is too concentrated, abdominal muscle compression can not guarantee the waist of the human body of the waist of the appropriate state, affecting the back muscles, increased Back muscle load time, will cause pain and discomfort lead to fatigue.

(C) the width of the sitting surface, refers to the front side of the length of the sitting surface width is too narrow, in addition to feel the restraint can not be properly used, the muscles on both sides of the body will be squeezed feeling; , Arms must stretch outward, so that latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid muscle tendon tissue was stretched. Both of which are prone to fatigue.

(D) the length of the backrest dynamic range of large, can not be back; static work and dynamic rest to get the appropriate support without prejudice to work and activities is appropriate, back height can be lower by the first, two lumbar spine began to gradually increase, The highest can reach the scapula, neck; and static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.