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Advantages Of Rattan Furniture Products Jan 10, 2017

1. permeability of rattan furniture, feel relaxed, rustic rattan color helps to soothe the summer if as much as possible the use of rattan furniture in the bedroom, light sleep will be highly beneficial.

2. the rattan furniture, warm in winter and cool in the summer, added to its original processing after cooking, drying, bleaching, mouldproof, sterilizing processes, particularly durable, a choice, can benefit 20 years or even 30 years, one of the reasons this is true vine of the higher price.

3. cane biodegradation can be achieved, so the use of rattan green, will not cause environmental pollution.

4. Compact sturdy and lightweight and tough, strong, easy bending, not afraid of squeeze, not afraid, supple and elastic;

5. regeneration ability, Ivy is a plant of rapid growth, general growth period of 5-7 years.