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What about outdoor furniture? May 23, 2017

Seasonal. Decide whether your outdoor space can be used all-year-around as this will determine the type of furniture you need to go for.

Sturdy. Outdoors there is usually no need for opulence but quality is important. For a basic setting, all you need are high quality, sturdy comfortable seating or loungers, tables and perhaps an ottoman that can also double as a coffee table.

Durable fabric. Guests want soft, comfortable seating but make sure the fabric you choose is properly treated for wind, sun, rain, pool water, salt, sand, and insects.

Size. Much like planning an indoor room, the size of a patio, balcony or deck requires similar thought. You will need enough space for guests to easily navigate the furniture and the size of the furniture must be in proportion to the area. The layout must be welcoming and attractive.

Practical. What will your outdoor space be used for? Eating, socialising, relaxing or sunbaking? Who will be using it, couples, families, or groups? Identify for what and for whom, and then choose the perfect furniture. For instance: large sofas and pods may be more suited to an area where families are more likely to frequent whereas couples may prefer smaller sofas, chairs or loungers.

Cool design. Consider how the furniture will look from your indoor space. This is especially important if you have glass doors: choose colours and styles that compliment your interiors. Let your style flow seamlessly and create ease.

Shelter.  Provide cover and shade from the harsh Australian sun. In open outdoor areas, umbrellas and shade sails are an easy fix and cost-effective way to smarten and create, safe family-friendly spaces. Or choose awnings, canopies, screens, plants and trees; you can be creative but you must provide your guests with some effective cover from the sun.

Maintenance. Buy tough, long-lasting outdoor furniture because it will be more cost-effective in the long run. But if neglected, even the most heavy-duty furniture will begin to destruct and look shabby, you must clean and perform regular maintenance to keep your furniture strong and looking it’s very best.