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Sunbrella Savvy: Caring for Your Outdoor Cushions May 23, 2017

Can you hear the familiar Porgy and Bess refrain? Summertime, and the livin’ is easy—at long last we’ve arrived there: delicious, lengthening days, high sun at high noon, and sun-kissed life outdoors. And with that come life’s big messes: oily sunscreen residue, splatters from granddad’s secret smoked chicken marinade, maybe electric blue Popsicle drippings or a little splash of deep crimson Malbec on the outdoor seat cushions. Ella did not include those words in her lyrics, but they’re proof positive you’re enjoying life.

You already know the Sunbrella® outdoor cushions you use on your garden or patio furniture are resilient: they’re adventure-ready, fade-resistant, willingly take a beating in the weather, and they’re no match for the triple threat: mold, mildew, and moisture. It’s why you bought them in the first place. But even the world’s most nearly-perfect outdoor seat cushion needs a little help now and then. Pull up your wicker chair and pay attention. But before we travel too far down the cushion care and maintenance road, keep three things in mind.

• First, always follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s label. If you push the envelope too far (read: you use an unsuitable cleaner that damages the product), you may void the warranty. Proceed with due caution.
• Second, if your outdoor cushion cover zips off, by all means throw it in the machine; follow the manufacturer’s instructions (is there an echo in here?) for washing, and always line dry.
• And finally, outdoor cushion cleaning is a sunny day activity—you’ll need plenty of warming rays for the drying-out part of this simple undertaking in the life of your outdoor furniture.