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Rattan Chairs Exhibitor: The Hand-Painted Paint Chair-Mix the Spurious With the Genuine Jul 07, 2017

E-Cantonfair — With the rise and development of outdoor activity, demands for outdoor products increased, and number of outdoor manufacturing enterprises increased accordingly. According to Mr. Dong Wuwei, the supervisor of Nongbo Jiade Chair Co.Ltd., in order to survive in the competition, companies should attach importance to the research and development of new products, pay attention to market research, grasp the development trend, improve product quality, and improve product price and brand awareness.

Attaching importance to the research and development of new products is not just a slogan, the Company launched a series of new imitation rattan chairs in the 115th session of Canton Fair, including setting and imitation rattan chair with armrest, or armless.

Rattan chairs with aluminum tubes as the main support, are stable and strong. The appearances of the chair are “bamboo” or “vine” as the main form of expression, according to Mr. Dong, new imitation rattan chairs are added with the “innovation freehand painting” production process, superseding the traditional spray-painting. The imitation rattan chairs, with a higher technological content of hand-painted paint, are more durable. Each piece of new imitation rattan chairs produced by the Company is all through the strict light test, to ensure the products can maintain a longer service life after long-term exposure to outdoor. According to the larger precipitation of European target area, the Company developed a special paint to make sure the new imitation rattan chairs with a waterproof powerful outdoors, better to provide long-term services to users with excellent quality assurance.

The new imitation rattan chair, far looking like real cane, can mix the spurious with the genuine even in the close observation and even hand touching. As a short tempered “cane” compiled by the chair, in fact, the “wire” technology processing, nearly distance observed belongs to the “original ecology of rattan” reality show most incisive.

In the China furniture industry, there are various price competitions. Enterprises are fighting for micrometer at outrance struggle, and will eventually cause an enterprise to cause destruction to both sides. “We do not go the low road. We are going towards high-end products and fine line with the development direction of us.” Said Mr Dong, the competition between enterprises should reduce a low-cost competition, and towards to creativity and quality. It would be the real victory, and can lead the China Furniture industry towards the direction of sustainable development of benign.

It is the trend of enterprises using e-commerce platform and relying on the Canton Fair. We are looking forward to e-Cantonfair can provide more and more detailed information to enterprises, with cooperation, and work together to progress, bigger and stronger.