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Quality Outdoor Furniture for Your 2016 Summer May 22, 2017

1. Rattan is well-made.

Lots of the outdoor furniture available is not made from quality materials. It might be made of wicker, thin plastic, or fabric that easily absorbs moisture and scents. These materials are more than enough for furniture that you might take to the beach when you only need a quick spot to rest on the sand. But they aren’t best for your home’s permanent outdoor fixtures.

Rattan furniture, however, does the job.

The main attraction—the rattan itself—is handwoven and made from raw materials specifically designed for outdoor climates. It’s woven tightly, creating solid surfaces on all sides. It also boasts aluminum framing, giving it that extra element of support and alleviating pressure on the rattan to support all weight.

Rattan furniture is even made with rust-proof bolts, nails, and staples, so those parts of the chairs and tables you can’t see will last through all weather along with the rattan. Overall, this type of outdoor furniture doesn’t compromise quality because it’ll be outside the home—it’s made for that purpose.

2. Rattan furniture sets can be customized.

How many times have you had to make do with the kind of furniture available? You might’ve wanted a table that was a little bigger, but you could never fit just the right size. Or you never truly found a combination of furniture that made the most of your backyard patio space.

Rattan furniture gives you what you need when it comes to customization. Besides there being an endless supply of options—from tables and chairs to connected sets and more—you can customize your furniture if you don’t find what you need. A specialist in this type of furniture will help you figure out the best way to incorporate rattan into your space.

With rattan, instead of compromising for a pre-set look or arrangement, rattan allows you to fit your space uniquely.

3. Durable cushions complete the look.

Often, you find yourself investing in ways to make your furniture look better. You might add pillows, drape a blanket over the back of an outdoors couch, or change the cushions according to the season.

But with rattan, the built-in cushions are part of the entire look of the furniture. They, too, can be customized according to the color scheme of your outdoor space, and they don’t need accessorizing. If you choose to add to them, you can—but they look elegant and luxurious alone.

These cushions don’t only look great, though. They are just as durable as the rest of the furniture, keeping moisture and mold out from their weatherproof material. You can rest easy knowing that they’re designed to be outside and can withstand all the unique concerns the climate will bring.


4. Accessories are available, too.

Rattan furniture isn’t limited only to tables and chairs. Poolside accessories, such as durable umbrellas and the like, can add to the look you’re working toward outside. Even unique seating options, such as egg chairs, can accessorize your space and become a one-of-a-kind focal point.


5. Rattan will last.

Most importantly, you want outdoor furniture that lasts—and rattan offers durability where you need it most. Instead of replacing your furniture after it’s been damaged throughout the year, you can simply head outdoors on that first summer night and enjoy your rattan seating.

Because it’s made with materials specifically designed to withstand the outdoors, rattan furniture will survive for many years. Even the cushions will remain new and beautiful throughout different weather situations.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you need durability, style, and customization options. Rattan offers all that and more. Start your summer off right with a smart furniture upgrade—and enjoy those same seats and tables for years to come!