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How To Choose the Right Chair for Your Outdoor Space May 23, 2017

How will you use it?

The first consideration when selecting a chair for your outdoor space is how you will use it. There are two major categories here: dining chairs and lounging chairs.

If you are looking for a outdoor dining chair, consider the height (bar versus standard table height), comfort, posture and sturdiness. You will also want to probably avoid arm rests that prevent you from scooting the chair all the way in, close to the table. You will also want to consider the type of ground the chair will be on (outdoor rug, paver patio, grass or concrete) because these surfaces can dramatically change what kind of chair you should buy. For example, a chair with narrow legs will sink in grass, and the slight uneven ground of a paver patio may require a chair with leveling pieces on the legs.

For chairs where the primary purpose is to lounge, socialize or enjoy the view, you will want to consider pieces that are comfortable in a variety of postures and can be sat in comfortably for hours. There are a variety of options, from chaise pieces, to rockers, to recliners to deep seating pieces. Depending on the primary use, you can select the piece that's best suited for your space.

What size space do you have?

First and foremost, you don't want to buy chairs that are too large--or too small--for your space. If you have a large dining table, the chairs need to be sizeable as well. If you have a smaller property, you may want pieces that don't overwhelm the property or that serve a dual purpose. And, if you have a view, you want to make sure the height of your pieces don't block it!

How much maintenance are your willing to do and how will it be stored in the winter?

When you fall in love with a certain piece of outdoor furniture, it's sometimes hard to think ahead of how that piece will look in several years. But determining what kind of maintenance you are willing to do on your patio furniture and how you will store it is a very important consideration.

Wood chairs are gorgeous, but require more maintenance and protection. Pieces with cushions need the cushions to be removed and stored every winter. Chairs made from synthetic weaves, synthetic woods or metal tend to require the least amount of maintenance and tend to last longer.

How you will store the pieces in the colder months are also a big consideration. Will the pieces be under cover? Do you need to buy a cover? Is there anywhere to store the pieces or do you need to consider smaller pieces or collapsible chairs? All these considerations are important because they will extend the life of your patio chairs.

What style works best for your space?

Though a particular piece might catch your eye, sometimes love at first sight doesn't last once you get the piece in your space. It's important to consider you personal style, the style of your home and your existing pieces when deciding on your patio furniture. If you have a European-inspired metal dining set, next to an ultra-modern lounging set, the lack of cohesiveness will make you question your choices. Luckily, we have an in-house designer that can help you select the perfect pieces that will blend style, architecture and existing pieces together beautifully. Just snap a picture of your space and bring it on down.

Do you need dual-functioning pieces?

If you have a smaller space, or are looking for pieces that function in more than one way, you may want to consider dual-purpose pieces, like benches that can be moved from table-side to anywhere, or comfy rocker-loungers that come with a fire pit/table combination for the dual purpose of dining.

But, if you need your pieces to be multi-functional, be sure they are easy to move, cohesively fit with your existing pieces and are not too heavy.


Goldilocks would have a hard time in our showroom, and we have no intention of making it any easier by reducing our amount of floor stock to sample. But, with a thoughtful approach and help from our in-house designer, you can find a piece that's "just right."