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Benefits of Quality Rattan Garden Furniture for Your Outdoor Café May 22, 2017

1. Durability

Rattan furniture is more durable than many other options for your outdoor café. Its materials are sturdy and designed to withstand many outdoor conditions. Each chair and table is made from raw materials and held together with aluminum supports. The furniture also boasts rust-proof nails, bolts, and staples, which add to the durability of the pieces in general.

As far as durability, rattan can also last throughout heavy wear and tear. For an outdoor café, weather will be a concern, but general use is something to consider just as much. If hundreds of customers will use the furniture in a single week or month, the furniture you choose must last throughout that rate of use.


2. Comfort

The cushions of a piece of rattan furniture are also durable, but they are equally comfortable. While customizable, most rattan cushions are thick, which makes them tougher. On the same hand, customers will love sinking into a cozy outdoor seat. Instead of dining while sitting on a steel bistro chair that gets uncomfortable after a few minutes, they can relax for hours and enjoy their meal in a luxurious, leisurely way.

3. Variety of Table Sizes

Any great outdoor café will offer a variety of seating so that they can accommodate both a customer’s preferences and any size of group they might bring. With rattan furniture, a designer can order everything from tables for two to long banquet tables. They can base their choices on the types of groups that their particular restaurant tends to draw.

This variety also creates a few different dining experiences. At a table for two, a couple can enjoy an intimate date night and carry on long conversations. A family of four could enjoy their dinner at a typical table for four, and larger gatherings, such as birthday celebrations or work lunches, would be seated at banquet tables.

No matter the reason the customer arrives at the café, their goal for their meal can be fulfilled even down to the rattan furniture they sit on while eating.

4. Gathering Places for Events

Outdoor cafes offer the opportunity for events and gatherings that can bring in good crowds and additional business. For example, the café you’re designing may decide to bring in local musicians to hold concerts during certain nights of the week. This is sure to draw customers to the seats close to the music, and it represents a great way to enjoy great summer vibes.

Rattan furniture, since it’s luxurious and comfortable, will help create a fun seasonal atmosphere. Customers will love enjoying a great meal, then sitting back and listening to music as the sun sets.

5. Within the Surrounding Environment

At an outdoor café, part of what makes the restaurant unique is its surrounding environment. By providing excellent seating and ways to relax, customers can fully enjoy the outdoors.

For example, if the café is located in the downtown part of a city, the furniture will allow visitors to relax while taking in the interesting atmosphere of city life. If the café sits within a garden, customers will enjoy being up close and personal with the unique plants and flowers around them.

6. Under the Summer Sun

Finally, choosing the right furniture for your outdoor café allows visitors to truly enjoy all that the most pleasant months of summer bring. There’s nothing better than enjoying a meal with a light breeze and bright sun on your shoulders, and rattan furniture can be the cherry on top of a great summer dining experience.